Rants & ramblings of the disaffected


Who was that masked man?!!       

Able to leap tall tales in a single bound, faster than a fleeting case of short-term memory loss, more powerful than a bulky word-processor… it’s Jimagain!

Fraudulently pretending to be an internet blogger, mild-mannered Jim Mundane is only an alias he uses to keep his true identity secret, which is made a lot easier due to the fact he has amnesia  …and that no one really cares. “Pretending to be a writer is the perfect guise if you want to keep from attracting attention!  I’m buried beneath so many layers of anonymity, I can’t even find myself!”

Deep from within his secret lair, ridiculously attired in his ever-straining latex super-hero costume, armed with jelly dough-nuts and his word-processor, along with his sidekick, Cletus – the Lazy Dog Wonder, he fights a never-ending battle against writers block, incontinence, ADD, and poverty – mostly his from trying to make a living as a writer!

Beware ego maniacal super-villians bent of schemes of world domination…  Jimagain is …probably racking his brain trying to think of something intelligent to say. – – pause – – we may be here a while!

Quick! Somebody call a real super-hero!

Think you can’t stand any more? don’t click this link…



6 thoughts on “About

  1. Jimagain,

    GOOD writing here, dude! Clever stuff (will have to share with my husband about the golf app, among others . . . really funny)

    And I really enjoyed hearing a “dude’s” funny voice out here in cyberspace. So far, it’s a little overpopulated with girly stuff. Wait, did I just make myself obsolete? Where’s the delete button out here?

    Thanks for “liking” my blog (ps when you get a second could you do that again? I inadvertently hit delete or something when fussing around with my page this morning, thanksVERYmuch)

    PS Put your picture up, dude. And add stuff to your ABOUT page . . . your readers want to get to know you!

    Happy Blogging, Happy Weekend, Happy Summer,
    HulaGirl65 aka Cindy

    • Hey to Hulagirl65!!

      Thanks for the comments! When I read your title I knew I had to read the blog about being lost in cyberspace. Good stuff! I can imagine floating around in cyberspace with all those blogs carreening about. Look out! There goes one! Danger Will Robinson!

      Hope you husband enjoys his new golf app!


  2. nice to meet ya 😉

    • Thanks for visiting! As you can probably tell by my page and a few of my posts, I’m a glutton for attention and also have apparent difficulty in grasping reality.

      Thank you again! Now back to my secret identity as…uhm, who am I this week????? Oh, this dementia!

      • hahahaha that’s awesome 😀

      • Thanks again. As a footnote, I have been banned from shopping at the neighborhood grocery store and am now forced to take remedial sensitivity training for defaming zombies…and the writers guild has filed a restraining order on me, I’m not allowed within 500 foot of a laptop.


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